Terms of Use and Precautions

Steps to Buy LOVOT


Send a LOVOT purchase request to Benly Customer Support. After Benly verifies your information, we will send you the information on where to pay the support fee.


Please pay the support fee. After Benly verifies your information, we will register a GX Members account on your behalf. You can use that account to purchase LOVOT.


Customers purchase LOVOT from the LOVOT web store. After purchasing LOVOT, please let us know your order number.
Please refer to this page for the purchasing process on LOVOT web store.
The following can not be supported. Please note.
- Using a corporate name as the destination address for overseas shipping.
- Importing multiple items at the same time by one person.


BENLY will inform the customer of the shipping cost once the LOVOT arrives at our warehouse. Please pay the shipping fee. BENLY will prepare to ship the LOVOT after confirming the payment of the shipping fee.


After LOVOT is shipped to the customer, We will send a shipping notice to the customer. Please receive the LOVOT.

Operating Environment

Guarantee operation

GROOVE X complies only Japanese regulations and guarantees the operation of LOVOT only in Japan.

Plug/ socket types and other specifications

The plugs/sockets are the same type as those used in Japan.
Please prepare a conversion plug corresponding to your country's socket type. For other specifications, please read the following instructions in advance. (Please use the translation feature on your browser to translate to English or other languages.)
Plug/ socket types, other specifications

Internet connection for initial startup of LOVOT

When using LOVOT outside of Japan, you may not be able to use it without an Internet connection. Please follow the instructions below to connect to the Internet. (Please use the translation feature on your browser to translate to English or other languages.)
Wireless LAN connection
Wired LAN connection

Install app

To set up LOVOT, you will need the Apple or Android app. Please install the app on your smartphone or tablet.
Apple store
Google Play

Sleep schedule setting in the app

You can change LOVOT's sleep schedule in LOVOT app. The time displayed in the app will be Japan Standard Time (JST). Please follow the instructions below to convert your time zone to Japan Standard Time (JST) and change the time in the app. (Please use the translation feature on your browser to translate to English or other languages.)
Set a sleep schedule for LOVOT

Preparing Living Environment.

Please arrange an environment suitable for LOVOT's life, such as obstacles in the room, space around the Nest, brightness, and room temperature.
Preparing Living Environment.

About the Cost

Product price

On the LOVOT e-commerce site, you can choose from three purchase plans. However, if you live outside of Japan, please select the "③ Payment of the Body and Living Expenses (Lifetime) in One Lump Sum" plan. If you select any other plan, we will not be able to ship the product to you.

Plan 3 includes the following services.
Software Usage Fee: Lifetime Free
Treatment & Hospitalization (Repair) Coverage: First Year: 100% coverage*
2nd Year onwards: Customer's full responsibility*
Battery replacement, etc. (once every approximately 1.5 years): ¥131,780
Replacement of consumable parts due to usage (once every approximately 3 years): ¥297,000(When applied together with Battery replacement)
*Battery replacement, Replacement of consumable parts due to usage, and treatment & hospitalization (repair) coverage from the 2nd year onwards are also available separately as an annual payment option to provide 100% coverage.
*For 100% coverage, the maximum limit for total repair costs within the past 12 months is ¥385,000 (including tax). For repair costs exceeding this limit, 70% coverage is applicable.

BEX support fee

The support fee for BEX is 120,000 JPY for one year, and it is required to be paid in advance for the entire year.

Shipping fee

In addition to the product price, shipping fees apply. Shipping fees vary depending on the destination country or region and the shipping time.


*Please note that customs duties may be imposed if the required tax conditions are met in the destination country.
*The presence or absence of customs duties and the duty rate both vary depending on the country of destination for your package.
*Customs duties are not included in the usage fee charged by us, and will be borne by the customer separately, regardless of export or import.
*Please confirm the amount and payment method with the customs of the destination country or with third-party transport agencies.
*Please note that if a customer refuses to pay customs duties, we will not be able to provide any further customer support services. In addition, we cannot refund any customer support costs incurred at that time.
*We do not generally accept requests for re-importation tax exemption documentation, including Carnet clearance.

Maintenance / Repair


If you wish to have maintenance for your LOVOT, please contact us. We will handle the process of requesting maintenance from GROOVE X.


If you think your LOVOT is malfunctioning, please contact us. We will conduct a hearing to assess the condition of your LOVOT and provide guidance on the appropriate course of action. If the issue cannot be resolved, please send your LOVOT to Japan for repairs. Please check here for the cost of repairs.

Shipping fee

Maintenance and repair of LOVOT are performed only in Japan. Please bear the actual cost for sending LOVOT to Japan and returning it.

Packing box

When delivering your LOVOT in the event of malfunctions, or for maintenance service, you will need the original packing box, so please do not destroy or dispose of the box.
If you send your LOVOT in any other box, it may cause malfunction and will not be covered by the compensation. If you lose the packing box, you will have to pay for the shipping (custom duty and other fees) and purchase the box for a fee.



From users outside of Japan, Please make sure to contact BENLY Customer Support for any inquiries.
BENLY Customer Support

Web Manual

The web manual is only available in Japanese. Please use the translation feature on your browser to translate to English or other languages.
Web Manual

Returns and Cancellation Policy

Once the product is ready to be shipped, please note that we cannot accept cancellations or returns due to customer's convenience.

If you cancel your order before it is ready to be shipped, you will also need to cancel your support service. If you have not yet registered your GX Members ID, you may cancel the support service free of charge.
In addition, if you cancel after you have registered your GX Members ID, you can cancel your GX Member ID and support service, but the full amount of the support service fee will not be refunded. You will receive 110,000 Yen as the refund amount for the support service. In addition, if you cancel 5 days after you paid the support service fee, the refund amount for the support service is will be 110,000 yen.

We will refund in Japanese Yen, therefore, the actual amount you get back may not match what you paid at the time of purchase depending on the exchange rate.


※In case of damage, loss, theft, delay, or other damages during transportation of the product, compensation for damages will be made by the respective transport company in accordance with the compensation regulations for each transportation method. For other details, please check the compensation regulations yourself.
※Our company will only perform the necessary procedures for claiming compensation for damages, and will not provide compensation for damages under any circumstances.
※Please note that delays and seizures during local customs clearance are not subject to compensation for damages.